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A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality Welding & Hardfacing Alloys, Thermal Spray Systems & Comsumables and Pre-Fabricated Wear Parts
Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod & Hardfacing Alloys
Inconel¹, Stellite² & Nanostructured Cladding & Thermal Spray Wire
Plasweld 7000 Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) System
Durajet HV3000 HVOF System
HVOF, PTA, Laser. Plasma and Flame Spray Powders
Stick Electrode for Joining & Hardfacing
DM 400 AS Twin Wire Arc Spray
Acoustic Chamber & Turn Key Automation
Pre-fabricated Parts for Oil Drilling, Sugar, Cement, Construction, Mining and Recycling Industries
High Performance Solutions in the Most Demanding Operating Environment
Laser Cladding System




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Dura-Metal® stands out as an independent specialist – dedicated to doing it better than anyone else: developing superior products and processes for welding & hardfacing and thermal spray for joining and wear protection applications.

In today's high-tech market place, it is acknowledged that a product brand is expected to measure up to modern standards of productivity, precision, cost-savings and performance measurement. Our knowledge with materials & fundamentals of wear and good contacts with industry leaders put us at the cutting edge of technology. The Dura-Metal® range of high quality material and wear parts have been researched and designed for cost-effective and technically sound engineering solutions.

Each material and component of Dura-Metal® supplies is specifically engineered to help production system function better and survive longer - in spite of adverse operational environments. Abrasion, Erosion, Corrosion, Fretting, Oxidation and Thermal Fatigue - common materials problems like these can bring production to a stand still. Reliable critical production equipment is the first step towards ensuring peak performance and longevity.

That's where Dura-Metal® comes in. We have the expertise and resources to help you combat the destructive forces inherent in any production environment. We offer a superior range of components, base materials, coating technologies and support services to help keep your production systems up and running for the long haul. Increased product longevity means less cash outlay for replacement parts. Consistent product performance puts an end to costly downtime. Unsurpassed industrial reliability helps you meet production deadlines, ontime, everytime. Each translates into substantial cost savings and bottom-line benefits.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with internationally recognised quality standard. Dura-Metal® offer the most comprehensive range of materials, components, coating technology and technical advice to support your production needs. We serve customers worldwide and has built a reputation for marketing products of the highest quality and providing a matching service. Please feel free to contact us and our engineering consultants can help you select the materials or solutions best suited for your specific applications.


Contact us to learn more about our high performance solutions.