General Engineering

General engineering applications comprise of a comprehensive engineering services in the manufacturing and repair industries, with a key focus on design, fabrication and installation; emphasising on professional, quality, safe, dynamic and timely outcomes.

Industry and megatrends

With the ever demanding production outputs and quality standards expectations, industries are always seeking ways to improve their methodologies and efficiencies. Customisation of automation, equipment, tools, fixtures and system is expected in order to achieve these. However, organisations on their own can have certain limitations to the required expertise on implementation and applications.

As such, Dura-Metal supported the industry with the introduction of their in-house technologies using welding and thermal spray methods to support the manufacturing of components and assembly. Our product range includes welding and coating equipment and consumables as well as product development on aluminium, stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy and non-ferrous materials (copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium). In addition, Dura-Metal plays a vital role in joint development of parts for the various industries’ applications. 

Some of our Applications

  • ID HousingAgriculture screw press
  • ID HousingID Housing
  • ID PTA CladdingID PTA Cladding
  • Plastic Extrusion ScrewPlastic Extrusion Screw
  • Recycling Shredder KniveRecycling Shredder Knive
  • ShaftShaft
  • Decanter ScrewDecanter Screw
  • Scapper BarsScapper Bars
  • Screw PressScrew Press
  • ScrewScrew
  • Shovel ToolsShovel Tools
  • Transport ScrewTransport Screw