Marine Industry

The marine industry consists of various sectors which include, ship building, repair, port operations and ship bunkering.

Industry and megatrends

The repair welding in the shipbuilding has a very long tradition and technology is a key driver for the marine engineering sector. Modern shipbuilding known as block construction makes considerable use of prefabricated sections with the entire multi-deck segments of the hull or superstructure built and transported to the building dock or slipway, then lifted into place. The most modern shipyards pre-install equipment, pipes, electrical cables, and any other components within the blocks, to minimize the effort needed to assemble or install components deep within the hull once it is welded together. Modern ships, since roughly 1940, have been produced almost exclusively of welded steel.

Dura-Metal supported the industry with the introduction of welding methodologies. Our product range includes welding equipment and consumables as well as product development on stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy and non-ferrous materials (copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium). In addition, Dura-Metal plays a vital role in joint development of parts for the various Marine industries’ applications.

Some of our Applications

  • Cast iron repair with DM Ni 99 TIG
  • Piston crown reconditioning
  • Piston rod & crankshaft reconditioning
  • Piston rod repair with polyclad 42
  • Propeller reconditioning
  • Spindle repair with DM alloy 625W
  • Valve seat repair with DM P ST6
  • Valve spindle finishing
  • Valve spindle repair with P ST6

  • Cast Iron RepairCast Iron Repair
  • Piston Crown ReconditioiningPiston Crown Reconditioining
  • Piston Rod & Crankshaft ReconditioningPiston Rod & Crankshaft Reconditioning
  • Propeller ReconditioningPropeller Reconditioning
  • Spindle Repair with DM Alloy 625 WSpindle Repair with DM Alloy 625 W
  • Valve Spindle  FinishingValve Spindle Finishing
  • Valve Spindle Repair With P ST 6Valve Spindle Repair With P ST 6