Sugar Industry

The sugar industry is usually referred to sugar refinery which processes raw sugar into white refined sugar. Most sugar refinery involves cane sugar mills that produce raw sugar that still contains molasses, which can be processed further into white sugar which is normally consumed and used as an ingredient in drinks and foods. 

Industry and megatrends

For sugarcane, the process of refining is carried out in following steps: 

  • Pressing of sugarcane and extraction into juice. 
  • Boiling the juice till it thickens and crystallizes.
  • Spinning the crystals in a centrifuge processing machines to eradicate the syrup and producing raw sugar.
  • Transferring the raw sugar to a refinery for washing and filtering to remove remaining non-sugar ingredients and colour.
  • Crystallization, drying and packaging the refined sugar 

Beet sugar processing is similar except that but it is done in a continuous process without the raw sugar stage.

Dura-Metal supported the industry with their specialised welding and thermal spray technologies. Our product range includes welding and coating equipment and consumables as well as product development on stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy and non-ferrous materials (copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium). In addition, Dura-Metal plays a vital role in joint development of parts for the various Sugar industries’ applications. 

Some of our Applications

  • Knife and trash plate replacement components in sugar mill
  • Shredder hammers
  • Crushers rolls
  • Trash plates
  • Scrapers
  • Anvil segmentAnvil segment
  • Crush Roll JournalCrush Roll Journal
  • Crush RollCrush Roll
  • DM Caneblock And DM CaneknifeDM Caneblock And DM Caneknife
  • Fan BladeFan Blade
  • Leveler & CutterLeveler & Cutter
  • Sugar KnivesSugar Knives
  • Sugar PlateSugar Plate
  • Trash PlateTrash Plate