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DMWP Overlay Wear Plate Of Nano Structured And Complex Carbides

Dura-Metal develops, manufactures and market ready to use wear plates under brand name DMWP ( Dura-Metal Wear Plate ). This composite consist of a steel backing plate overlaid with wear resistant deposits by means of wire welding or metal powder cladding. Depending on application - DMWP plates provide exceptional protection against erosion, abrasion, corrosion and in certain operating environment accompanied with high impact.

DMWP manufacturing technology:

We use the latest robotized technologies, controlled welding and unique fusing process to ensure low dilution to base metal, even distribution of complex carbide or borocarbide and exceptional wear properties. Our unique manufacturing techniques ensure a dense overlay with extremely tough microstructure that is consistent across the hardfaced section.  DMWP overlay wear plate can be cut, bent and welded.

Key advantages of DMWP overlay wear plate:

  • Increase service life of wear parts and production machinery
  • Reduce maintenance cost and down time
  • Extraordinary wear properties and extend service life even in severe operating environment
  • Available in complex carbide structure and nanostructured for different type of wear applications – even for high abrasion + high impact type of wear phenomenon.


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