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DuraLase 6000
 Laser Cladding System


Power Source & Controller

Cladding Process

New-AT-1200-Pic Laser1

Powder Feeder

3-6 Axis Motion System

Cladding Nozzle



  • Fiber delivered diode lasers
  • High efficiency of more than 40 percent
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Mobility and compactness
  • Ease of use and service
  • Beam quality tailored to applications
  • Low heat distortion
  • Metallurgical bond
  • Precise deposition
  • Low dilution level (<5%)
  • Low cracks
  • High wear resistance

Special Design I.D. Cladding Nozzle


  • 36” reach into Tubular Part
    • Minimum 4.5” I.D with viewing camera
    • Minimum 3.5” I.D. without viewing camera
  • Water Cooled throughout
  • 4mm focus spot size for optimum deposition rates
  • All water, powder feed, & electrical are internally routed
  • Optional camera viewing system available


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