Market & Applications

Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry involves the use of wood as raw material to produce pulp, paper, board and other cellulose-based products. The industry is dominated by countries in North America, Northern Europe and East Asia.

Industry and Megatrends

The manufacturing of pulp and paper consists of the pulping process which involves the chemical processing of wood, mechanical grinding, chemical washing of pulps as well as the bleaching process. The industry may utilize the high dosage of chemicals when specific papers are produced for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Due to the chemical applications and exposures, the pulp milling equipment and components are required to have strong resistance against corrosion and wear.

Dura-Metal supported the industry with our specialized welding and thermal spray technologies. Our product range includes welding & coating equipment and consumables as well as product development on stainless steels, high-strength low-alloy and non-ferrous materials (copper, nickel, aluminium, titanium). In addition, Dura-Metal plays a vital role in the joint development of parts for the various applications in the Pulp and Paper industries.

Some of our applications:

  • Corrugated roll
  • Wood shredder
  • Transport screw
  • Shear blade
  • Yankee dryer
  • Doctor blade



Application related images:

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