Joining and Hardfacing

With 50 years of accumulated international experience in quality Joining & Hardfacing materials, Dura-Metal commenced the development of its own range of superior quality electrodes, wires, rods, and joining application consumables in the late ’90s. The quality of Dura-Metal’s product has since been firmly established and recognized throughout numerous industries through years of serving in demanding and critical applications.

We know many developing countries have difficulty in recruiting qualified welders/technicians hence user-friendliness is a feature we highly regard in our products to ensure our customers can operate our products with ease. Our in-depth knowledge of international brand names and specific requirements of products has thus allowed us to shape Dura-Metal to be a user-friendly brand. Furthermore, our range of Joining & Hardfacing materials with our own superior proprietary chemistry and flux formulation produces materials with good weldability, joint strength, and excellent wear resistance properties.

Feel free to contact us for custom alloy or process development for your special projects and application requirement