Joining and Hardfacing

Brazing Powders & Paste

High-temperature brazing is a fluxless brazing process, carried out under vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere, above 900°C. Also, in addition to controlled settings, quality brazing consumables are required for efficient brazing. You can find the demand for Dura-Metal’s brazing powder in chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers, catalytic converters as well as fuel cells.

Dura-Metal’s high-temperature brazing powders are supplied in containers of 5kgs and our experienced engineering team will be able to custom-built paste upon request to support development projects. We also supply a range of binders which are used to apply and fix the brazing powder. The binders are designed for manual, automatic, spray, stenciling and print-based methods and are available in water or organic-based.

Feel free to contact us for custom alloy or process development for your special projects and application requirement