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Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod

Dura-Metal’s tungsten carbide composite rods have been used and respected throughout the Oil drilling industry worldwide. Our unique manufacturing process results in the highest steel cutting quality tungsten carbide composite rod available in the market. Particles/Inserts are specially sorted for even size distribution and treated to ensure best wetting properties during manufacturing and for field application.

The stringent quality control and manufacturing procedures ensure repeatability of excellent quality tungsten carbide blend in a tough resilient nickel silver matrix that holds the carbides. The Drilltech tungsten carbide composite rod exhibit excellent wear & cutting properties, weldability and low fuming during application. Quality consistency are also proven by numerous successful applications like junk mill, stabilizers, rotary shoes, reamers, washover shoes,  foundation coring, wear pads, casing window mills, liner mills and junk baskets etc.

Our “Drilltech” grades are engineered to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Our wide variety of Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod are available in the following shapes and form:

  • DrillTech: Wear Grade
  • DrillTech Plus: Cutting Grade
  • DrillTech FC: Flux Coated
  • DrillTech PenaCut
  • DrillTech StarCut
  • DrillTech StarBide
  • DrillTech sharkstooth
  • DrillTech 12 Sides Rounded

Feel free to contact us for custom alloy or process development for your special projects and application requirement