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Thermal Spray Systems

Dura-Metal has designed, manufactured and commissioned many thermal spray systems internationally. With over 50 years of combined experience and a product range that covers virtually all thermal spray processes, we can offer you the highest quality equipment to support your application needs.


Durajet AF 6000 HVAF

Durajet HV 3000 HVOF

DM 400-AS Arc Spray

DM 600-AS Arc Spray

DM 1200-PF Powder Feeder

DM 3100-PS Plasma Spray

Fusejet PLUS Powder Welding

Flamejet Powder Flame Spray

Wire Flamejet Single Wire Flame Spray

VRC Cold Spray System

System Spare Parts

Feel free to contact us for custom alloy or process development for your special projects and application requirement

Durajet AF 6000 HVAF

High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) torch system has revolutionized thermal spraying with a new level of coating quality. Compared to commercially available High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) systems, the HVAF process offers significant advantages in two areas. First, the use of air for combustion in the AF 6000 HVAF System offers tremendous savings over the cost of oxygen in HVOF systems. Second, the HVAF torch is regeneratively cooled by the same air it burns, so it does not require water cooling as the HVOF system does. This eliminates the problems and expense of the cooling water and associated systems.

AF 6000 Thermal Spray System consists of the Model AF-6000 torch, Model AF-6000C Control Console, the Model DM 1200HP-PF Powder Feeder, and the cable and hose set.

AF 6000 Thermal Spray System uses up to 5 GPH (19 LPH) of kerosene, (A-1). This fuel is inexpensive, safe, easily stored, and readily available around the world. The system uses 140 SCFM (3948 SLM) of compressed air which cools the torch and supports combustion. The air requirement can be met using a standard 50 HP shop air compressor. If this is unavailable, Dura-Metal offers both motor and diesel-driven compressors.

▪ PLC Controlled (Allen Bradley)
▪ Automatic start-up and shutdown sequences
▪ Built-in Combustible Gas Detector
▪ Alarm and Status Indication
▪ With Operating Hour Counter
▪ Safety Manual Purge Control

Durajet HV 3000 HVOF

For more than 20 years, Dura-Metal has been working in the field of HVOF coating to restore worn out parts and also with OEM to develop wear resistance coating applications.

We are pleased to introduce the Durajet HV 3000 HVOF system. It’s economical, robust, lightweight, and of excellent quality. Durajet HV 3000 powder thermal spray system melts metallizing powder by heat generated through the combustion of fuel gas and oxygen. The metallizing powder is fed at a regulated speed to a flame-spraying torch that may be hand-held or motion-controlled. A continuous flow of compressed air surrounds the flame, atomizes the molten metal, and disperses it over the surface of the object to be coated. The spraying torch may be guided by hand for spraying large or intricate pieces; for production work, the torch may be mounted to programmable equipment, such as an x-y manipulator or a robotic arm. The HV 3000 system also comes with an optional add on, water cooled jacket (HV-JET HYBRID ASSEMBLY). This module will increase the torch thermal efficiency and also powder depositing efficiency – resulting in high-density coatings. This low capital HVOF equipment is an ideal system for small and medium size jobs shops.

We also offer model HV 3000-A auto-start HVOF system. It is PLC control with I/O signals or commands for turnkey integration.



DM 400-AS Arc Spray

Imagine having the power of a 400 amp spray arc system with one-fifth the maintenance costs of the regular system. The DM 400-AS Twin Wire Arc Spray system is made with materials of the highest quality and craftsmanship; offering high performance and unbeatable power. The specially designed system ensures low operator fatigue and significantly reduces maintenance costs. The DM 400-AS Twin Wire Arc Spray system uses a bigger and more robust wire driver motor located within the control console instead of the gun head. This system possesses a powerful “driving force” that feeds the spray wires to the lightweight 1.05 kg (2.3 lbs) gun head of the DM 400-AS machine.

▪ Wire counter
▪ Time counter
▪ Remote/local voltage control switch
▪ Remote/local amperage control switch
▪ Preflow, burnback, and display/hold adjust
▪ Robust/lightweight gun head
▪ Quick-change wire guide system
▪ High-velocity air cap
▪ Rugged/user-friendly control console and power source


DM 600-AS Arc Spray

The DM 600-AS is a robust Twin Wire Arc Spraying system. It has earned a reputation for its high performance in many applications worldwide. It perform consistently with minimum operator adjustment in harsh operating environment at site. It is designed mainly for large area-coating of boiler tubes, vessels and TSA anticorrosion, etc.

▪ 600 Amps Power
▪ PLC Controlled
▪ CE Certified
▪ High Velocity Air Cap
▪ Interlocks for safe operation
▪ On-built spool stand option
▪ Can be used for Push-Pull unit
▪ Temperature sensor provided
▪ Suitable for on-site & in-house coating applications
▪ Timer to schedule maintenance & operating cost calculation
▪ Wire Diameter: Up to 3.2 mm (1/8 “)
▪ Weight:  225 Kg (495 lbs)


DM 1200-PF Powder Feeder

Our high quality and user friendly DM 1200-PF rotary powder feeder is designed to suit Laser Cladding, HVOF and Plasma Spray processes. Utilizing proven technology and electrical controls, the DM 1200-PF is highly efficient and reliable. The heart of the DM 1200-PF electrical control is the digital closed-loop controller, offering precise and accurate wheel speed. The DM 1200-PF is also capable of remote control by PLC or computer, allowing wheel speed to be controlled remotely by a 0-10 DC or 4-20 mA signal. All machined parts are manufactured and fully inspected to guarantee the highest quality and functionality.

▪ Digital wheel – speed local / remote control
▪ Hour meter
▪ Heater blanket
▪ 15 RPM motor (standard), 32 RPM (available)
▪ 90 PSI (6.2 bar) maximum pressure
▪ 115 VAC or 230 VAC & 50 / 60 Hz capable
▪ +/- 2 % feed accuracy
▪ Applicable for use on either Laser Cladding, HVOF or Plasma Spray
▪ Interconnect Carrier Gas Flow Controller for Laser Cladding & HVOF Oxygen/Gas Fuel system


Other series of Powder Feeder:

DM 1200HP-PFDesigned for HVAF application. 150 PSI maximum pressure.
DM 1200CSHP-PFDesigned for Cold Spray application. 1000 PSI maximum pressure.
DM 1200LC-PFDesigned for Laser Cladding application. Advance closed loop controller and 100 PPR for increased resolution.


DM 3100-PS Plasma Spray

The DM 3100-PS Plasma Spray System is designed and built using materials of the highest quality together with the latest technology and production methods available to deliver consistent high-quality coatings. The DM 3100-PS is also designed with safety and user-friendliness features that surpass industry expectations. It features a built-in user-operated Safety Purge System and also has the capability to run safely on Hydrogen as a secondary gas. Furthermore, all of the components in the system are designed in a way such that all electrical signals and power entering and leaving the DM 3100-PS console during purging are deactivated. This feature ensures that dangerous conditions prior to purging will be eliminated.

With a PLC and touch screen control, the user can take advantage of the many features that aid the plasma spray process. The DM 1000 power supply’s amperage is closed-loop controlled by the console, which monitors the voltage at the power supply and plasma torch. Using the DM 1200-PF powder feeders, the DM 3100-PS console commands feeders offers closed-loop RPM feeders. The DM 2000 Arc starter, a solid-state high frequency ignition unit which is powered by the console, requires no adjustment to operate. The DM 4000 heat exchanger, a 10 ton refrigerated chiller, is activated by and feeds its alarm directly to the DM 3100-PS console. The console also offers optional interface features to incorporate customer-supplied devices, such as booth ventilation switches, external E-Stop devices and manipulation control.


▪Touch screen control
▪ Safety purge system
▪ Automatic and manual mode
▪ Mass flow readouts
▪ Critical orifice repeatability
▪ Maintenance screens alarm
▪Series of built-in features to achieve high-quality plasma coatings


Fusejet PLUS Powder Welding

The Fusejet PLUS powder welding torch is a robust manual powder welding system for surfaces and over edges. It is also applicable in delivering coating on larger parts when used with a custom-designed extension assembly and tungsten carbide tip that enables high powder deposit onto substrate. Fusejet PLUS offers premium-grade coatings that not only last but is also price competitive. The coating is capable of protecting against abrasion, corrosion, erosion, and cavitation that can be produces permanently and economically for low costs.

Self-fluxing metal powder (Nickel & Cobalt Alloy, Tungsten Carbide Blend) are sprayed and melted into the surface by a gas/oxygen flame to attain coating hardness ranging from 25-65 HRC.

The following basic materials can be coated:

Stainless Steel, Grey Iron, Spheropheroidas Graphite Iron, Annealed Cast Iron, and Alloy Steel

▪ Modular design
▪ High level of operational safety
▪ Easy fit welding / heating attachments
▪ Powder cartridges reduce set-up time
▪ Easy to change in the field of application
▪ Easy usage for difficult to reach components
▪ Tungsten Carbide inserts available (optional)
▪ Accessories are easy to fit and to adjust
▪ Cost efficient operating materials (Acetylene, Oxygen)
▪ Quick action couplings & safety devices for the gas hoses
▪ Hose packages and Pressure regulators (optional)
▪ Cost efficient by using standard components and standard spare parts
▪ Gas On / Off mode capability at handle = ease of usage during production
▪Extension assembly with C5 or C6 tungsten carbide insert for high powder deposition rate. (optional)


Flamejet Powder Flame Spray

Flamejet is a compact and lightweight powder flame spraying gun for thermal spraying with powder using the oxy-fuel gas flame. Fuel gases include acetylene, propane, hydrogen in combination with oxygen as well as compressed air used for cooling purposes. Function and safety are guaranteed via a gas mixture system using the injector principle.

The Flamejet is designed for the universal application of the 2 step spray & fuse and ceramic spray coating application for wear & corrosive protection at elevated temperature.

▪ Integrated powder transport system
▪ With the integrated gate valve, many types of transport gases can be used
▪ Overhead position through removable and 180° changeable powder connection
▪ Just one powder connector with an adjustable slider for different capacities

Areas of use/application:
▪ Metal powder coating: for the hot and cold spraying techniques with self-fluxing or oxidized ceramic powders.
▪ Corrosion-resistant coatings: on the basis of low melting metal flame spraying powder (for example zinc and aluminum)
▪ Plastic coatings: many different types of thermo-plastics and epoxy material

Wire Flamejet Single Wire Flame Spray

Wire Flamejet is a robust and user-friendly wire metal spray system use for spraying both ferrous and non-ferrous material. Key applications are restoring worn-out components, conductivity, and anti-corrosion coating.

The wire is fed into the front torch through an air-driven turbine. Fuel gas like acetylene, LPG, or Propane and oxygen is properly and safely mixed in the siphon plug head assembly which in turn provides a combustible heat source. The molten metal is atomized and propelled by means of compressed air in the form of fine metal spray for coating on job surfaces.

Generally suitable for all metals and metal alloys in wire form for spray coating i.e. Zinc, Copper, Aluminium brass, Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel, Molybdenum, Nickel Alloy, etc. The standard wire used for the flame spray is generally 3.2mm or 4.8mm.

The Wire Flamejet system comprises of the following:
▪ Wire flame spray gun
▪ Gas Flowmeter
▪ Gas control unit
▪ Air control unit
▪ Wire reel stand with a straightener
▪ Hose unit

Optional items:
▪ Extension nozzle
▪ Trolley with reel stand


Other series of Wire Flame Spray System:

Wire Flamejet-PMA robust pneumatic version system mainly used for onsite sensitive applications like shipbuilding where electrical and electronic items are prohibited on board during operation.


VRC Cold Spray System

VRC Metal Systems, also known as “cold spray”, is the upcoming global leader in supersonic particle deposition and other advanced manufacturing process technologies.

The majority of the world’s leading cold spray teams are using the VRC high pressure cold spray system to advance their research on obtaining the highest deposition properties and pushing the envelope on advanced recipes and hybrid coatings. The high-pressure system deposits similar and dissimilar metals on most metallic surfaces even in previously impossible heat sensitive applications. VRC’s supersonic cold spray equipment enables innovative solutions for repair, additive manufacturing and coatings for many industries including aerospace, energy, shipping, mining, and oil & gas.

Dura-Metal in partnership with VRC offers full turnkey Cold Spray system. Our mission is to provide innovative, reliable metal deposition, automation technologies and powders application know-how to give our customers market leading capabilities.

Our turnkey high-pressure cold spray systems provides coatings of the highest quality with portability that differentiates us from our competition. Furthermore, we can apply high pressures and temperatures either by robot or patented hand-held applicator. The Gen III and Raptor cold spray system is the only high pressure, portable, and hand-held capable system in the world. It is also the only high-pressure system that can reach into diameters as small as a coffee cup. VRC has played an integral part in the approval of the repair process by using our high-pressure cold spray to repair Army helicopters, Navy submarines and the B-1B Bomber in the Air Force.

Dura-Metal will partner with you in repair and restoration of aerospace, marine and industrial components including but not limited to Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Niobium and Inconel.

Cold Spray Turnkey system with acoustic chamber and spray booth
System Spare Parts

Dura-Metal supplies a wide range of parts for thermal spray and PTA OEM. Every part is manufactured with great precision and with stringent quality assurance. Quality torch replacement parts ensure operating life and repeatability of consistent good quality coatings. Our spare parts and components range covers most commercially available thermal spray and plasma torches including:

  • SG100
  • 2086 extension
  • JP 5000
  • Diamondjet
  • Jetkote
  • Tafa 8830, 8835
  • F1, F4, 3 MB, 9 MB
  • 5P-II, 6P-II, 12E, 11E, 14E, 5K
  • TD 2000, TD 3000
  • E 52, E 300 HP, E 220 HP
  • HPM 602, HPM 302
  • Implantechnik PTA Torch


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SG 100 Plasma Spray Torch

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JP 5000 HVOF Torch

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