Surface Coating Systems

DM 400-AS Arc Spray

Imagine having the power of a 400 amp spray arc system with one-fifth the maintenance costs of the regular system. The DM 400-AS Twin Wire Arc Spray system is made with materials of the highest quality and craftsmanship; offering high performance and unbeatable power. The specially designed system ensures low operator fatigue and significantly reduces maintenance costs. The DM 400-AS Twin Wire Arc Spray system uses a bigger and more robust wire driver motor located within the control console instead of the gun head. This system possesses a powerful “driving force” that feeds the spray wires to the lightweight 1.05 kg (2.3 lbs) gun head of the DM 400-AS machine.

▪ Wire counter
▪ Time counter
▪ Remote/local voltage control switch
▪ Remote/local amperage control switch
▪ Preflow, burnback, and display/hold adjust
▪ Robust/lightweight gun head
▪ Quick-change wire guide system
▪ High-velocity air cap
▪ Rugged/user-friendly control console and power source


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