Surface Coating Systems

DM 600-AS Arc Spray

The DM 600-AS is a robust Twin Wire Arc Spraying system. It has earned a reputation for its high performance in many applications worldwide. It perform consistently with minimum operator adjustment in harsh operating environment at site. It is designed mainly for large area-coating of boiler tubes, vessels and TSA anticorrosion, etc.

▪ 600 Amps Power
▪ PLC Controlled
▪ CE Certified
▪ High Velocity Air Cap
▪ Interlocks for safe operation
▪ On-built spool stand option
▪ Can be used for Push-Pull unit
▪ Temperature sensor provided
▪ Suitable for on-site & in-house coating applications
▪ Timer to schedule maintenance & operating cost calculation
▪ Wire Diameter: Up to 3.2 mm (1/8 “)
▪ Weight:  225 Kg (495 lbs)


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