Surface Coating Systems

System Spare Parts

Dura-Metal supplies a wide range of parts for thermal spray and PTA OEM. Every part is manufactured with great precision and with stringent quality assurance. Quality torch replacement parts ensure operating life and repeatability of consistent good quality coatings. Our spare parts and components range covers most commercially available thermal spray and plasma torches including:

  • SG100
  • 2086 extension
  • JP 5000
  • Diamondjet
  • Jetkote
  • Tafa 8830, 8835
  • F1, F4, 3 MB, 9 MB
  • 5P-II, 6P-II, 12E, 11E, 14E, 5K
  • TD 2000, TD 3000
  • E 52, E 300 HP, E 220 HP
  • HPM 602, HPM 302
  • Implantechnik PTA Torch


DM 400 AS Arc Spray TorchDM 400 AS Torch Part List

SG 100 Plasma Spray Torch

SG 100 Torch Part List

JP 5000 HVOF Torch

JP 5000 Torch Part List

Feel free to contact us for custom alloy or process development for your special projects and application requirement