Demonstration & Training

Dura-Metal provides a first-class training program to customers and end-users. We have trained numerous technicians in the field of maintenance, repair and wear control. From welders to engineers, researchers and managing directors – there are no boundaries to the profession of people that have been trained by Dura-Metal.

We offer a wide range of courses and process demonstrations. Depending on your requirements, courses can be solely practical or theory, or a mixture of both, and are available in written form for several product families and technologies. The content we provide may include industrial cost savings, wear and corrosion, repair, preventive maintenance and many more. Dura-Metal’s attention to detail in training and demonstration allows us to offer our customers a wide array of welding, brazing or coating procedures to ensure reproducible quality and success.

List of equipment in our Training Centre:

  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
  • High Velocity Air-Fuel (HVAF)
  • Direct Diode Laser Cladding
  • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)
  • Powder Flame Spray
  • Powder Welding
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray
  • Single Wire Flame Spray
  • MIG MAG Welding
  • Manual Arc Welding
  • Oxy-Acetylene Braze Weld Hardfacing